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About Matthew 25 Ministries

Aunty Inonge Nawa

Matthew 25 Ministries International is a Ministry within the Ministry. It was founded by Mother Inonge Nawa on 25th January 1995, with a vision to minister to the underprivileged people. Matthew 25 derives its vision from the word of God in the book of Matthew 25: 31-46. Matthew 25 Ministry affiliated itself to the bigger vision of Praise Christian Centre where we have been and are still being equipped for the work of the Ministry.

Matthew 25 Ministries, ministers to emotional needs, physical needs and spiritual needs of different people. To do this, we had lined up a Plan of Action for the year. We have an orphage in Chilenje, 21 Kalamo Road. We support 100 orphans from Mapoloto, Chilenje and Mutendere. Twelve (12) of these orphans are adopted to our orphanage. We are supporting another 100 orphans in Kapete, Chongwe.

We minister to the blind people and the physically challenged people (disabled). We work inconjuction with Chilenje police looking after abused girls until their cases have been disposed of.

We are supporting 150 People Living with HIV/AIDs (PLWHiv/Aids) in Chilenje and Mutendere and 100 others in Kapete, Chongwe. We also support the aged people and the mentally sick people in Chongwe.